Wordpress offers many features which are beneficial for small businesses to have an effective web presence. For example:
  • It is Free code to use to make a web site.
  • It has an ever increasing number of plugins to extend its capabilities and most of the plugins are also Free to use.
  • It can be customized to just about handle every type of web site need.
  • It can be kept updated by simply using a web browser. You do not need to have or know how to use any other expensive program to work with wordpress.
The first objective for the web site of most small businesses is to just offer information about the business to prospective customers. WordPress can do an excellent job on this and you do not need an expensive webmaster to build it. It can all be done by using your standard web browser and typing in the information. A great example of a business which can use WordPress for information is a restaurant. A restaurant wants to give information about the atmosphere, food menus, location, special services, and contact information. A really nice example of this is given on this link. For restaurants offering different menu specials every day, WordPress would be excellent to use for publishing the daily update on the menu specials. All that would be needed would be connect with your web browser and type in the specials. Realtime valuable information for your customers. After you have entered the basic information you want to offer your customers, you can add forms for interaction. For the restaurant example the forms could be useful for customer questions about special services like catering and special parties. Also, you could collect customer emails so they could receive daily updates on the restaurant's daily special menu items. The next step beyond just offering information and giving a little contact interaction with their customers is to conduct some e-commerce activity. This can also be added to a WordPress site but it adds some complexities that are best addressed by an experienced webmaster. So there are many advantages for a small business to consider using WordPress for their web presence. If you would like to submit questions on how you might use WordPress for your business please use our inquiry form.

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