Most real estate agents have a website and most have resources in place to print real estate fliers.  What most do not have is a good way to connect with customers on mobile phones.  Today there are more mobile phone users than desktop computer users on the internet, this means the real estate agents are missing a very large number of potential customers. Customers that use mobile phones do not want to look at real estate websites that are setup to be viewed with a desktop computer.  The difference in screen size makes viewing a bad experience.   They want to get to the key information they are interested in and they do not want to have to go through magnification gyrations to get this information.  A website that is design for mobile viewing is what they want. realEstatelistingmobilesite-a We have developed a Mobile Phone Promotion System to help real estate agents give customers that use mobile phones the information they want quickly.  In  a nutshell it is made up of three things:
  1. A mobile website for each property listing
  2. A texting service to make customers using mobile phone aware of new listings
  3. A QR code to go on every property flier or property sign so the customer can get to the mobile website for the particular property
What does this do for the agent This system gives the agent a way to connect with customers using mobile phones while out looking at properties.  The customer stops at a property and views the flier.  The flier has a QR code.  They scan the QR code to quickly bring up the website for the property.  Before they see the mobile website for the property they are asked if they want to be on the agent's text message list to be notified of similar property deals that are newly listed in the area.  Then they see the mobile website. A prominent button on any good mobile website will be "Tap to Call" button.  This is the button that makes it easy for the mobile phone user to quickly call the agent.  This is the purpose of a website in the first place!  To connect the customer with the sales agent.  Hooray, connection is made.  Maybe they will ask you to come and show the property to them.  Now you have a warm lead. Other information on the Mobile Website allows the customer to easily view information about the property.  Since there is some difficulty in viewing and reading a large amount of property information on a small mobile screen, we try to keep it to just the most critical information. Contacting quickly and property information is not all the value offered though with our mobile website for properties.  Sharing is another great value!  Say Jill takes a walk in her neighborhood and sees the new For Sale sign on a house she walks by.  She takes a look at the flier and thinks this property is just what her friend's family has been looking for.  She scans the QR code, goes to the mobile website and decides to share this website URL with her friend on Facebook using one of the sharing buttons on the property website.  Wow, she just expanded the reach of the information to another potential customer that might have never come by the property.   When the friend clicks the link to the website, they will be asked whether they want to be on the Agents texting list for more property deals too. Moral of the story:   increased exposure offers increased sales. We hope you can see the potential of this new system... Please call us or use our inquiry form to contact us and let us know you are interested. Our kickoff pricing for setting up each Mobile Website for Properties is $ 75 per property.  This includes setting up a collection of Opt-ins for texting about more property deals.   Limited to the first 10 Real Estate Agents that signup for this service.   button for mobile website property listing Would you like to see a demo?   (Note: the Mobile Website looks much better on a mobile phone than on a desktop.) click here OR use your smart phone and type in or you can scan this QR code to get there easily: qrcode_bellrock_realty_demo Features of our mobile friendly property websites:   Real Estate Listing Mobile Site Features Note:  the "Click to SMS Text" button will work on many smart phones, but not on all. Mobile Site Features for Real Estate Site  

Do not dally, be one of the first 10 to try it before the price increases. website...

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