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One of the most surefire ways to round up new customers is through referrals. We have just launched a new service which marries the use of referrals and giving the customers  thank you for their business.  Our service will help small businesses to set up a thank you referral network in which businesses hand thank you cards to their customers which refer the customer to businesses in the network with purchase discounts. Benefits Everybody!
  • the customer is appreciated with a thank you
  • the referrals give discounts to attract customers to the businesses in the network
  • the business network represents a larger customer base than any one business in the network
  • our online system offers a way to easily create, organize and manage the referral network
Check it out by clicking the following button and get started today:  ( visit [ip-shortcode type="button" url="" style="orange" size="large" radius="5" color="#ffffff" icon="none" iconpos="before" target="blank"]Thank You Referrals Networking[/ip-shortcode]            

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