Do you work to truly satisfy your customer’s wants and needs ?

I am sure you would say you do, but do you know if you are successful ?

You really do not know the answer to this question unless you are asking your customers their opinions.

In order to improve or fix something, you have to know what it is that needs to be fixed. The #1 opinion that counts on this for a business is the opinions of the customers.

There are many ways to gather customer opinions. Here are a few:

  • ask them questions when they visit and then take time to write down the answers
  • give them to complete a customer opinion card that you hand them or make available
  • send by mail an opinion survey postcard for the customer to return
  • hire a company to make calls to your customers to ask their opinions by phone

Or, here is a new modern method that offers some key advantages…

Customers that have Smart Phones can scan a QR code on a business card, postcard, opinion card, or what ever printed material you want to use. The QR code will open a web page in which the customer can rate your service and leave an opinion comment. This will allow you to have the opinions in electronic format for easier collection and use.

The positive opinions can be used to improve and strengthen you online reputation. The negative opinions can be used for corrective measures to be taken.

So with this new modern electronic method of collecting customer satisfaction information there are many advantages:

  1. Collects customers opinion information for managing your business.
  2. Sets up a system for your business reputation management.
  3. Gives your business another connection point with your customer. Connection by Smart Phone.  (you might be surprised at how much smart phone users are passionate about using their phones)
  4. Builds on your business image to use modern methods that show you care about your customers.

Most small business owners are just too busy with the daily requirements of the work in running their this business to get around to implementing a customer satisfaction survey system. So, getting some outside help in setting up this type of system can offer some long term benefits for the business.

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Give your local customers incentives to keep returning to your restaurant!

One Story

A couple of local customers come in to your restaurant or cafe and take a look at your menu.  Things look good, so they stay and order a meal.  They have a good time and enjoy the food and beverages.  Then they leave.

Another Story

A couple of local customers come in to your restaurant or cafe and take a look at your menu.  Things look good, so they stay and order a meal.  They have a good time and enjoy the food and beverages.  While serving them you notice they have smart phones.  You mention you have specials every week on Friday and Saturday and ask them if they would like to have a couple of refrigerator magnets which will connect their smart phones to the information on your specials.  They say yes and thank you.  Then they leave.

Now which of the above stories gives the restaurant’s customers the more incentive to return to the restaurant on a regular basis ?

Most all restaurants offer specials.  How can you be more proactive in communicating with local customers to keep them returning.  Why are you concerned about local customers ?  They are the ones that have the ability to keep returning.

Good News!

The good news is we have a system to manage this all for you.  All you have to do let us know what your specials are and here is what we will do:

  • We sit down with you on a monthly basis to understand what you want to offer for next months specials.  ( can be done online )
  •  We setup a QR code that smart phones can scan to deliver your current special offer.
  • We create graphics to communicate the special and place them where they will be accessible to the smart phone user scanning the QR code
  • We print the QR code on refrigerator magnets ( and/or business cards) for you to hand out.  ( refrigerator magnets catch their eye when they are hungry)


Refrigerator Magnet


What Customer sees on their smart phone:



You are targeting your specials towards local customers that have the ability of becoming repeated loyal returning customers.  Compare this to just publishing newsprint ads of specials that most of the time are never viewed or are used by visiting customers that can only come it once since they are not local.

You are also making use of a new marketing segment, the mobile smart phone user.  Smart phones users are everywhere.  Did you know there are more smart phone users accessing the internet today than desktop computer users ?  Many of these smart phone users are passionate about their phones and love to use them.  You will be just offering them another way to enjoy their passion of using their smart phone.

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